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We help you automate data extraction from documents and data entry into your favourite apps.
Accurate GPT-powered data extractors
AI-Powered OCR

Use Machine Learning for OCR and automatic data extraction from scanned PDFs, images, and handwritten text.

GPT-Powered Parsers

Use natural language to extract data from human-written emails and unstructured documents.


Simply highlight data you would like to extract or use our AI for automatic extraction. It only takes a few minutes.


Create a no-code parsing template for extracting data from emails, PDFs, and files with a fixed layout.

Tables and Repetitive Data

Extract purchased items from invoices, order confirmation emails, and more!

Extract Any Layout

Extract invoices and documents with varying layouts with the same parser.

Multiple Languages

Handles documents in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

No Training

No training required. Just upload your documents and get started.

Data verification and validation
Automatic Date Formatting

Automatically convert dates in any format to a standard format like YYYY-MM-DD.

Flag Missing Data

Flag missing data and get notified when the data is available.

Validate Numbers

Validate numbers extracted from documents and emails.

Edit Extracted Data

Edit extracted data and retrain the parser.

Approve or Reject Data

Approve or reject extracted data.

Automatic Invoice Verification

Verify invoice totals and flag incorrect totals.

Complete automation with tools and integrations
Export to CSV or Excel

Export the extracted data to CSV or Excel and integrate it with your favourite apps.

Import with Email Forwarding

Forward emails to a unique email address and extract data from the attachments.

Import from Google Drive

Connect your Google Drive account and import documents and export results to Google Sheets.

Connect Apps with Zapier

Connect your favourite apps with Zapier and automate your workflows.

Custom Integrations with APIs

Use our APIs to integrate with your favourite apps and automate your workflows.

Listen to Webhooks

Listen to webhooks and get notified when a document is processed.