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Automate data extraction with AI parsers
  • 🧾 Pull details from invoices, bank statements and other documents
  • 📃 Facts and tables extraction from long PDFs like insurance claims
  • ✉️ Automate lead capture, customer support and more from emails
Extracting data from documents

AI Invoice Extraction

Simple parsers can be used to extract data from short semi-structured documents with varying layouts like invoices, resumes.

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PDF Data Extraction

We combine OCR and AI to extract facts, repeating tables and lists from marked out sections of long PDFs like insurance claims.

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Email Data Extraction

Our AI parsers simplify extraction of key information from structured and unstructured emails like booking confirmations.

Powerful capabilities for document data capture

GPT and OCR data capture
GPT models and advanced OCR combine for understanding and extraction of data and formatted tables from documents
Easy to create parsers
DocumentPro parsers are simple to create, and can be created automatically for short documents. No model training is required so you start quickly
Any document format
DocumentPro parsers works effectively even when document layouts vary. It can also handle multiple languages and handwritten text.
Long and short PDFs
DocumentPro works well for long documents too. Helping you automate processes and digitize documents for complex use cases too
APIs and Webhooks
You can build custom applications and integrations using DocumentPro APIs and webhooks. Leave the document processing to us.
Built-in Integrations
DocumentPro continues to add integrations to popular tools like Zapier, Google sheets and more. So you can easily automate workflows that involve documents.
Convert to structured formats
DocumentPro converts data outputs to structured formats that can be exported to JSON, Excel, CSV and more, making it easy to use in your tasks.
DocumentPro stores your documents and data in encrypted storage. Your data is not used to train AI or GPT models.

Built for any document data extraction use case

Extract vendor details and line items. Automate invoice processing, expense management and accounts payables.
Insurance Claims
Extract claim numbers, policy number and more. Automate claims processing and reduce turnaround time. Build custom parsers for each provider.
Extract key terms, dates and parties. Automate contract management and reduce manual data entry. Build custom parsers for each vendor.
Pull out information from resumes of any format. Improve recruitment process and reduce time to hire.
Bank Statements
Extract transaction details, account balances and more. Automate bank reconciliation and expense management. Build custom parsers for each bank.
Bills of Lading
Extract shipper details, consignee details and more. Automate logistics and reduce manual data entry.
Doctor's Orders
Capture patient and procedure details from handwritten or physical documents. Reduce administrative burden in healthcare.
Order Confirmation Emails
Automatically handle new order notifications to trigger workflows by extracting order details from emails.
Custom Support and Leads Emails
Automatically capture leads and support requests from emails for lead routing and support ticketing.

And thousands of other custom use cases

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"I was impressed because we were able to add a few additional fields that we needed to the invoice extraction schema, and the parser extracted all the data accurately."
Principal Software Engineer
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