Automate data extraction from PDFs using AI
  • πŸ”‘ Pull facts from marked out sections of PDFs
  • πŸ“ƒ Extract single or repeating tables using GPT and OCR software
  • πŸ“‚ Create custom parser for various documents without training
Extracting data from PDFs

How PDF data extraction works

Section markers split PDFs into sections for parsing

Section Markers

Section markers mark out single or repeating parts of PDFs where information should be extracted from.


AI Parsing

OCR and GPT parsing is used to capture facts and tables from semi-structured document sections with varying layouts.


Table extraction

OCR or GPT parsing is used to capture exact document columns and rows from marked out sections.

For many complex PDF data extraction use cases

Insurance Claims
Extract claim numbers, policy number and more. Automate claims processing and reduce turnaround time. Build custom parsers for each provider.
Extract key terms, dates and parties. Automate contract management and reduce manual data entry. Build custom parsers for each vendor.
Extract specific tables from PDF reports for insights and analytics E.g. trades tables from broker reports
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