product updates
Better quality document data capture on DocumentPro
We've added automated date formatting, number formatting and flagging of important fields
By Abizer
January 20th, 2024

Our goal at DocumentPro is helping you reduce your time spent on document processing. Now we've introduced some new features that will help improve the quality of document extracts so you have to do less.

Get formatted dates in your document extracts

Select "date" as a data type for your date fields, and select a date format from your parser settings to get formatted date extracts.


Flag important fields that were missed in the extract

Set fields that are important to you as "required" so that if they don't get extracted by DocumentPro you will be alerted to enter them manually.


Get formatted numbers in your document extract

We automatically check if the numbers extracted from DocumentPro are valid and fix them if they are not.


I hope these small features result in better document extracts and less time document handling for you.